Thursday, June 24, 2010

Friendship Bracelets: Time to Swap (and a Look at the Last Batch)

The big day for all of the friendship bracelets to go back into the mail, swapped, to their new owners has come! A big thank you to those of you who participated—it's been so much fun to see what you've made and to have the chance to bring our online community offline in the form of bracelets via the USPS. Here's a look at the last batch:

Top row: An impressive assortment from Jessica of Sunny Tuesday (who made little tags that share the tidbit that her favorite color combo in 1994, her bracelet making hey day, was hot pink and teal). I just love how some of Jessica's bracelets are made with what looks like strips of cloth.
Second row left: A modern classic from Amanda who made a lot of bracelets at summer camp (and despite what she told me, she clearly remembers how to make them well!).
Second row right: Totally loving the mix of bright colors in Kelley's bracelet.
Third row left: Brianna's version makes use of thicker strands woven together in a sort of chain stitch. Dig the mix of threads in this one.
Third row right: Hannah sent in a very awesome Native American looking pattern, in an envelope that looks to be made from a magazine page.
Fourth row left: Abigail's design, which makes use of her favorite colors (which I love too!).
Fourth row right: Shout out to my cousin Gina- thanks for participating in the swap and representing the cousins!
Fifth row left: Wool thread braids from Shing, with fun cards to go with them.
Fifth row right: Tara's slightly rocker chick bracelet with her rad display of recycling.
Sixth row left: Melanie's classic version (which comes packaged in a sweet little pouch!).
Sixth row right: A sweet swap hostess gift for me- thank you Jessica!

They are all going into the mail today, so hopefully you'll have yours in a few days. And a big thank you to everyone who sent in extra supplies for the Boys & Girls Club. I'm very excited to help pass this craft onto the next generation!