Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Secret Wedding Stitchery

I am not going to tell you what these are for because I am wishing very hard that they become the thing for the wedding that I am imagining is so lovely in my head (see, I didn't even give you a hint!) and I don't want to risk overselling it until I know whether it will work out or not.

I have pretty much always known that I enjoy keeping my hands busy, but I must say that working on wedding projects that are completely not mandatory is helping me to stay sane through the keeping-track-of-details business of the wedding (less than a month to go!). By which I mean that by doing these fabric flowers, and things like the stitched placecards, I feel like I am helping to make the wedding feel more like me. More like us. Because I'd be making something anyway, so why not make things that are useful for the wedding?
And yes, I am aware that this is my own particular brand of crazy, but I swear to you that sewing a few of these at night makes me feel completely sane and grounded. So I'm going with it!

I actually don't have many projects left (I'm saving a few for when my entourage gets to town the last week of June- get excited friends and family), so this secret stitchery feels more like a bonus. Fingers crossed that it works out!


  1. Well you did just specify that they are flowers. Was that a slip? : )

  2. But I didn't say what the flowers are being used for- that's the secret part!