Friday, September 9, 2011

This is My Wish from Freya Art & Design

One of my very first friends that I made when I moved to Des Moines gave us this lovely card—This Is My Wish from Freya Art & Design—for our wedding. It's 5x7 and I love the sentiment and imagery so much that it's become a fixture on my desk. I'm also glad that the card introduced me to Freya's shop as I am sure that much of her work would make perfect gifts for many in my life. Hope on over and take a peak at her full line of cards. prints and gift.

On the subject of happiness, as the card would have it...
For me, sometimes that just means slowing down to realize that I am in fact happy right at this very moment when otherwise I would have been moving too quickly to even acknowledge it. Especially on weekends, when I sometimes get bogged down with housework. Or during the day when there is a lot to multitask. Last week when we were driving in circles trying to find a turn off towards a campground, with a windshield that was continually fogging up from the low-lying fog, and an inability to find a place to buy water, we saw a rainbow. I can't tell you the last time that I saw one. It must have been years and years. But holy cow it amazing. It pulled me right into that moment of feeling that the world, despite all of our day to day frustrations, is always right there to offer up something stunning. And everything felt okay again. I mean who needs to find water when there's a rainbow in the sky!

So with that, I wish you an excellent weekend filled with small moments of happiness.


  1. Such a lovely post, Amy. And such an important sentiment. I am so quick to get bogged down in frustration and forget to recognize the happy moments. But things sure do feel better when I'm able to breath into a joyful place - even for a moment.