Monday, August 16, 2010

Guest Room/My Office Makeover, All Paint and Pictures

New desk space, complete with a berry box paper clip holder on the shelf
 After moving into our house back in late April, when we immediately painted the living room, dining room and kitchen (oh how that lime green dining room was just not us), we took a little break. But the guest room/my office has been on my list since then because while the color had been fine, the walls were all scuffed and full of nail holes. I'd hung pictures simply to cover the marks.

This is the room when the previous owners of the house were here

But by waiting until I felt ready to tackle the project, it was a highly exciting project that I had both the energy and the time to do. I had been thinking about the color for months and had blue stuck in my head—a pretty, but saturated shade of light blue (think robins egg or a Tiffany's box). After trying 6 sample shades, I settled on Forget Me Not by Benjamin Moore (their Natura line, which is zero VOC). Saturday we painted and shimmied around the dropcloth-covered bed (and I picked up some new frames from Target to house a few prints that had grown in a neglected pile), and Sunday I spent most of the day doing touch ups and hanging pictures. And ironing curtains and cleaning up.

I opted for sheers since I lowered the wattage of the ceiling fan bulbs and wanted to make the most of the sunlight.

The closet holds/hides my files, magazines and misc paperwork; one frame I still need to hang
By last night, I was both exhausted and delighted. I love that this room is a true reflection of my tastes and that we were finally able to make it our own. I am going to sew myself a wall hanging to serve as a headboard, hopefully soon, and one day I may replace the ceiling fan. But for now, this is a huge improvement!


  1. I love that blue! I want something like that for the master bedroom in our next house- so tranquil and relaxing!

  2. Ahh, serene blue. Pretty! Love the patterns & colors on that quilt too..

  3. The color is so beautiful! And I love the Live What you Love print.