Friday, August 6, 2010

Inspired Image: from the Illustrator behind Double Merrick

Merrick is an England-born illustrator based in France who runs a shop called Double Merrick. This month they are announcing a new limited edition print called "Birds"(scroll down to see it!) that I love the spirit of. I also love the typewriter print, also shown below, but I'll stop talking and let you hear from Merrick herself about why she chose today's Inspired Image.

Hello, my name is Merrick Angle.

You can find me at my online shop, Double Merrick.

This image comes from a set of building blocks my daughter and I bought from an amazing old junk shop near us. I carried it around in my pocket for ages, I finally scanned it when I got fed up of stabbing myself on the corners!

It inspires me because of it's boldness and simplicity.

I particularly love dodgy old printing, especially when one of the colours is slightly off. The contrast between the wood and these spooky, disembodied eyes is also fascinating.

It makes me feel revved up to make things and curious about the world.

The 3 words it conjures up are eyes, eyes, EYES!!

I love ending the note on these illustrations! So with that, I'm heading to the Jersey Shore (not the area where the show is filmed, at all!) to get my fill of salt water taffy and family. Enjoy the weekend everyone!

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