Friday, February 18, 2011

My New Swingy Skirt

Somehow, I feel like it was Sunday, then I looked up and it was Thursday night, which means this week was a total whirlwind. But I've been looking forward to showing you the skirt that I made last weekend the entire time—almost as much as I look forward to it being warm enough for me to actually wear it.

After dealing with my perpetual sewing machine fear, and having a friend fix my machine (only to learn it wasn't actually broken), I decided to just do it. I'd seen this darling and super easy free pattern from Anna Maria Horner and thought it would be the perfect entry point for sewing clothes. I prepped my fabric and made the skirt. Just like that.

I even loaded a bobbin All By Myself!

I am not sure what changed because I still can't locate the user manual for my machine and I still mostly feel like I'm closing my eyes and hoping for the best, but I think I have gotten over a hump here. I enjoyed the process a lot and am giddy about the girliness of this skirt. And I think I have a base of confidence now that can surely only improve over time. 

I have plans for a blouse or a dress soon, and they both involve real patterns, so we'll see how that goes!


  1. I love it - such a pretty fabric! It looks super comfy, too.

  2. congrats! Next time you're in NY you should head to the Japanese Book store: Kinokuniya. It's a gold mine for easy sewing projects. I was shocked I could A. figure out the pattern and B. actually wear it.

  3. I love the print! Is it Liberty of London? Great colors!

  4. This is a beautiful skirt! I need to learn how to sew, but seldom see any fabric I like.