Friday, February 4, 2011

All in the Details: My Favorite Accessory

One of the very favorite parts of getting dressed for nearly every wedding that I've gone to in the past few years has been deciding on what earrings to wear. (I can't believe I just wrote that sentence because I didn't realize it was true!) For my sister's wedding, we had coordinating earrings made for all of the girls in the wedding and Katie decided which pair went to each of us depending on our personalities. It was so much fun and I still count the earrings that I wore as one of my very favorite pairs.

For  Virginia's wedding, I went back to the same designer, Sherry of Pequitobun, and bought myself a lovely pair of gold medallions with a tiny piece of shell dangling off. Again, I love them and wear them probably once a week.

So when it comes to starting to look at accessories for my wedding, naturally this is where I start. (If I could figure out a way to not have to pick out a pair of shoes, I'd be a happy girl!) I am absolutely adoring the pair above, which are again from Sherry. I love that there is a bit of sparkle, a bit of dangliness, and also color. I don't know if they would be too much or too dark with my dress—since I haven't seen it put together yet—but they are a top contender for sure.

 The pair that is currently ranking almost as high as the first pair is this lovely number from Kendra Scott. A coworker has been wearing a lovely pair of crystal studs from her since the holidays and I'm so glad that I checked out the site—there are so many wonderful options, and all extremely reasonably priced. This pair is $55. Pretty good I think!

This pair is from Sarah Perlis, a fantastic jewelry designer who, as far as I can tell, can do no wrong when it comes to what she makes. I love the simplicity of these, especially with as much embellishment as my dress has, though they are a little (okay, a lot) out of my price range.

Knowing me, I will probably commit to two pairs when it comes down to it because I think that trying them on with the dress will be key in my decision making process. (I'm not wearing a necklace, for sure, because the trim of my dress is beaded.) Plus, I have no doubt that I'd enjoy wearing any of these on any regular day of the year! 

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