Monday, January 10, 2011

The Panels Are Done!

Good news! I finished beading the eighth panel of my wedding dress yesterday, which means that our part is done! Let's see, it took just about two months to do the stitching and the beading and I enjoyed 90% of it—I have to admit that there was a time at the start, and then again towards the end that I had to power through with sheer determination, but overall, I loved the experience. And the result, as far as I can see it so far. 
I learned a lot about stitching and fabric in general, and also about my love of this type of repetitive work—it may be slow going, but each tiny stitch adds up to a remarkable whole. And the only way to enjoy that remarkable whole is to keep on keeping on. Not to mention that it's an incredibly relaxing way to end weeknights, with something tangible and real in my hands. And that it's given me plenty of time to think about the day that I will eventually be wearing this dress, which has made me feel incredibly grounded in our wedding planning process. 

I'd say it's a win-win!

And I think we've even decided to get an Alabama Chanin dress for my sister too. I'm thinking that we'll have them put the dress together and then we'll embellish the bottom quarter or third so that it's not such a big project. But that way, her dress will echo mine and she'll get to enjoy a little stitchery love come July. I can't wait!


  1. Really, really beautiful. I admire your determination!

  2. Nice Job, Amy! I finally had a chance to read your blog recently. It seemed to take a while to catch up on life after the workshop. My poncho is also slow going, but it makes me happy when I work on it. I have been doing a little every day.

  3. I'm dying to see the finished dress. It is going to be beautiful!

  4. I'm so very glad that you have a blog and can catalogue your thoughts about the making of your dress. I think it will be so neat to be able to look back and read your words and reflections someday. Just beautiful!

  5. Um...and not to get all sappy and "out there," but I have to say, I think your thoughts on your dressmaking are actually a lot like marriage and life in general. Each tiny stitch, does in fact, add up to a remarkable whole!