Friday, January 14, 2011

The Dress is in the Mail...

Yesterday, I dropped my dress panels off at Fed ex and while I knew that it would be hard, I had no idea that I'd walk out of the store filled with terror that something would happen to them in transit. Rationally, I know that Fed ex is pretty reliable, and it will most certainly get there—and if for some reason it doesn't, there are other dresses. But still, after working for two months (and what I figure to be about 100 hours) on the panels, I do kind of want everything to be okay.

I am mostly trying not to think about it until Monday, when I will be checking the tracking number to see if they made it to Alabama, and I'm helping myself out by starting to dream about some potential accessories.

I've ordered a color chart of fabric from Alabama Chanin so that my sister and I can decide what color her dress should be—we can't decide between a deeper shade of ruby or a lighter pink—and I've started poking around for earrings, and other fun items, like this lovely, lovely clutch from Emersonmade.

I am not going to order or commit to anything until I actually, fingers crossed, see the dress in person, but it's fun to be at the point where thinking about it feels like the right next step to take.


  1. Oh, so nerve-wracking! I'm sure it will be OK :) GOod idea to distract yourself with some clutch shopping!

  2. Oh, that is super-scary! I definitely understand why you were nervous to mail it out - make sure to let us know when it arrives safely. I am so excited to see your dress in all its finished glory!

  3. The clutch is absolutely lovely! And I continue to be impressed by how much work you invested in your dress!

  4. It arrived in Alabama! Hooray!