Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Photographer Spotlight: Pat Little

My sister gifted me this print over the holidays and let me tell you, I love it so much that I am refusing to hang it up. Instead, it's right here by my computer, leaning against the wall, right by my tea/coffee/matte coaster. This is a handy way for me to get to Really enjoy it every day, even though it makes my desk top a wee bit crowded.
It's a print from photographer Pat Little, who's local to the area in Central PA where my sis lives (and was apparently nominated for a Pulitzer for photojournalism). The image, though, is actually from Scotland, which I think makes total sense. I imagine greenery just to the sides of where this image was captured, and a lovely, cracked old-on-the-outside, new-on-the-inside farmhouse with a huge apron front stove.

I've been a little prone to making up fantasy stories lately, as a way to escape the frigid weather. And to planning the part of the garden (flowers, fruit) that I'm responsible for. Trying to figure out if a bathtub planted with flowers could work in our yard.


  1. Cute, love it I want a yellow door

  2. The bathtub planter idea sounds like a good one. Just remember it will probably need a lot more watering, especially if it is an old cast iron one, because it will heat up in the sun and evaporate the water faster. If you don't have room for the bathtub, maybe an old pedestal sink would work.