Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Joy of a Good Mug

For at least the past two months, Josh kept mentioning how much he wanted a honey pot. Apparently, they make drizzling honey onto toast, cornbread or into tea—three things that we do a lot of in our house—much easier than a spoon. And it reminded him of his home growing up. I hoped that somehow we'd stumble across one, and then miracle of all miracles, my sister gave us one—unknowing of how much we wanted one—for Christmas. It came tucked into a sweet basket with two mugs (one of them is pictured above, the other was probably in use at the time of this photo), tea, and honey and was a perfect present. The pottery is from Groundhog Blues Pottery, a business near where my sis lives, and it's sturdy and smooth and well shaped (it fits your hand really nicely). And as our household is currently battling a wicked head cold, having something lovely to sip tea out of is really brightening the mood around here:)


  1. I really want a honey pot since seeing the cutest one in a window in bristol, the shop had gone when I went back for it but it was so cute!

    Must look out for another one!