Friday, January 28, 2011

Behind the Scenes: Making the Invites

I've been thinking a lot about bunting lately, particularly in relation to our wedding invites. They are involved in our design idea and for a few weeks, I thought that I had to find the perfect one to buy. Until I realized that a paper bunting is ridiculously easy to make, especially with the help of a handy scalloped paper punch from my local Micheals store.

Sure, it's not as comforting to me as sewing is, but it's pretty gratifying to turn a stack of paper into pretty circles, all with perfect edges. I did my best with my assortment of papers, trying to keep it close to our palette and not go overly girly, though obviously that is a lot of pink you see up there (the colors are mixed differently depending on which part of it you are looking at).
I can't wait to see how these wind up working in the layout draft that we have going on—which we don't need to have done until later in February or really, early March, but I like to be on top of my to-do list! Not to mention being able to cross something off that I could start and finish in a matter of an hour.

I am fairly confident that I'll be inviting some of my friends over to make strands of these for decorations. I just need to figure out a super easy, and yet sturdy way to attach the circles to the string.

On an entirely unrelated to weddings note, I'm spending the weekend in nyc and DC (going to meet the new little Gus, who was born to friends a few weeks ago), and am loving the plus 30 degree weather. And of course, seeing friends. That is always a good thing.


  1. Hey sewing lady! No reason you can't sew the paper garlands/bunting — it makes them super sturdy and then you get to do some stitching. Not by hand, but a lot more fun than gluing each one. There's tutorial here:

  2. Oh, you are right, that is a good idea. Now I just need to get my sewing machine in working order- this is pretty good motivation because I bet it would go really quickly! Thanks so much for the link