Friday, August 21, 2009

Inspired Image: Candy of Candied Fabrics

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This image comes from Sapphire Pool, a thermal feature in the Biscuit Basin of Yellowstone National Park. We spent 8 amazing days there earlier this Summer.

It inspires me because it's so amazing that this thing exists at all, it's created by unseen physical forces deep beneath the Earth.

I particularly love the crystal clear sapphire blue COLOR!

It makes me feel calm, but excited, all at the same time. It makes me NEED to create, to interpret these colors with dyes & fabric.

The 3 words it conjures up are clarity, purity & hope.

I've begun to make digital palettes from inspiring photos that I take and use them as a basis for a new piece of textile art, where I'll try to dye the colors I pull from the photo and then use that fabric in a piece. I'll post the palette from this photo over on my blog, if you'd like to drop by & take a look!

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