Monday, July 19, 2010

Beets, Beans and Surprises in the Flower Beds

We had quite the dramatic weather weekend with a huge storm Saturday night that brought 60-70 mph winds, which resulted in us losing power for 24 hours. Which was helpful considering my goal to stay off of the computer on Sunday, but frustrating since I couldn't cook in advance of this week (part of my share of our chores) and we had to deal with a melting freezer (and you, know, the heat inside the house). But, it proved to give us a chance to do other, simpler things, like play guitar (Josh) and quilt (me), read, and spend time outside in the garden. Here are some snaps to give you a sense of how things are progressing.

Above was our first batch of beets, both regular red ones and Chiogga ones (that are striped on the inside). We had them grated in a salad. Here are some of our tomatoes, from our enormous plants.

A pea!

A bean! Actually, we've eaten about three batches of these beans already, which has been rather exciting.

Here is a big patch of thyme that is just waiting to be put to use in eggs- it's particularly good with eggs and sauteed onions, actually. There is also a mountain of basil, so as soon as I get my hands on a container of pine nuts, there will be a bulk batch of pesto going into the freezer.

And finally, since this is our first summer in the house, we keep being surprised by what's blooming, like this bed of coneflowers and what looks to be some type of hibiscus. They make the bees really happy.

Link Love: five things that have caught my eye lately online.
1. The Canning 101 series on Simple Bites to make good use of all of your summer produce.
2. The wedding graduate post from 20 year old Ashlyn on A Practical Wedding, which just proves to me that everyone has the right to get married when the time is right for them, in the way that is right for the couple.
3. The Italian floral inspiration on this We Like it Wild post on Design*Sponge.
4. This Grown Up Lemonade recipe from Kelly at Eat Make Read.
5. This Cathedral Windows Pillow from Make Something, which I Must Try at Home as it completely makes my heart happy.

Hope you all had a great weekend and thank you for your thoughts on balance!


  1. The balance post inspired me so much that I decided I needed to blog about it myself. Both my husband and I have decided to join you by being unplugged on Sundays. I did amazingly well, and with the exception of a quick weather check and Pandora listening by my husband, that's IT! Your garden is looking beautiful! We've had such kooky weather. My tomato plants keep growing but no fruit yet.

  2. JoAnn Dolezal ArmstrongJuly 19, 2010 at 7:16 PM

    Thanks for all the fun links. I'm gearing up for canning soon.

    Sorry you had to deal with a power outage and "angry" weather over the weekend but it sounds like you actually enjoyed the down time and made excellent use of it.

    Your garden is fabulous. What fun!

    Balance: Finding it and keeping it - a constant challenge. Beer and Tai Chi go well together :-) That's "on tap" for me tomorrow!

    Have a great week Amy.

  3. So terrific to grow so much of your own food. Healthy, and it puts you in touch with nature!