Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Q&A: Ceramicist and Paper Accessories Maker Kat Kraszeski

Name: Kat Kraszeski 
Location: I live and work (from my home studio and from the downtown Cultural Arts Center) in Greensboro, NC

Tell me a little bit about how you decided to make what you make?
I got into ceramics some in college while majoring in design, but did not take a wheel throwing class until last year when my mom and I decided to try one out at our cultural arts center.  We both loved it,  got my older sister to join, and I have been making clay creations ever since!  The garlands and gift tags just kind of came about because I have always been a little over the top with making party decorations and wrapping gifts for my family and friends.  They always liked my creative touches and encouraged me to try to sell those as well.  It is hard for me to focus on just one creative pursuit, so I find that letting myself work in both clay and paper satisfies my desire to do a little bit of everything!
What sets your work apart?
As far as my ceramics go, I think what sets my work apart is that it is all really one of a kind.  My ceramic mushrooms are a custom design and are pretty labor intensive.  My trays are special because each image is something from my head that has been carved into the clay.  Those marks can't be changed or duplicated once they are put down, which to me makes them incredibly sweet and special.  I love being able to combine that idea of a really simplified nature illustration with a 3-dimensional piece.

Is this your full time work?
This is not my full time work, I am a full time high school art teacher, so I try to spend most of my summer's off creating work for my etsy shop and playing in the studio.  

How did you learn how to make your products?
I have had a couple of great pottery teachers who have helped shape and cultivate my ideas into the forms I am now making.  Other than that my work is self-taught, just me trying to put my own ideas into tangible objects.

Where do you find your inspiration?
Gosh, I find inspiration everywhere!  Etsy, design blogs and publications, and the internet give so much incredible inspiration to draw from.  My ceramic pieces are certainly nature inspired and that normally comes from walks with my boyfriend and dog in our neighborhood and time spent in my garden.  Colors, shapes, and textures can jump out and inspire me from just about anywhere I seem to be and being around creative students and friends always helps as well!

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  1. Kat sounds like an intensely creative person, with the combination of the job as an art teacher along with all of the other projects! Cultural arts centers are such valuable resources, and now Kat's work may inspire me to take a pottery class, rather than the jewelry classes I usually take.