Friday, July 23, 2010

July Print of the Month: White Tent from Gretchenmist

This is my seventh purchase in this year's mini print of the month series, which is my commitment to buying a photography or illustration print from an independent artist each month this year. 

When I'm looking for a print of the month, I try to choose something that speaks to me right where I am in life. Which makes sense when you consider this print in the context of my recent vacation where we spent a full week living out of a tent. I loved the simplicity of that week and there were many times when it felt just as warm and glowy as this White Tent print from Gretchenmist. The print is part of a series that captures the feeling of the camping holidays that the artist, Belinda, took as a child. She's also participating in the Poppytalk Handmade market to raise funds for the Gulf, so click here to see more ways to support our friends down there by buying handmade.

I am very much looking forward to hanging this print in my guest room/office where I am sure that it will help remind me of our lovely trip.

Speaking of which, it's Friday, which means that it's almost time to enjoy a mini-break for all of us. We're having neighbors and friends over this weekend, which means lots of cooking (hooray!) and sharing of the load of produce currently in the fridge. And I have to bring a dessert to a baby shower tomorrow, so am currently debating between cookies or ice box cake...decisions, decisions!


  1. Great find! Love the sentimental value this print holds for you and the colors are amazing!

  2. Art is so up to the eye of the beholder. I am glad to see you are doing your part to make more eyes behold them.


  3. Absolutely enchanting! And lovely colors!