Friday, December 17, 2010

Homespun for the Holidays

It's getting down to the gift-buying wire and if you're like me, you're starting to feel the pressure to just buy something that will work for those left on your list. Which isn't all that festive when it comes right down to it. The whole point of gifts is that they are meant to be thoughtful, a way of showing that we care and understand the person we are gifting to. But for me, when I have one particular person left on my list who is the Hardest Person to Buy For Ever—because he has such amazing taste and I get nervous worrying that what I choose for him won't measure up—I can loose the point of it all.

So today I'm stepping back and remembering some of the things that I liked most about our holiday last year. One of them was this snowman from my sister. She made them for each of us as gift toppers, so each was unique and sweet and somehow related to our personalities. I love mine and have been trying to think of how to display her ever since.

I also really loved a gift that I made for Josh last year, when he was coming home to my family for the first time. We have a tradition of handmade stockings (my Dad's mom knit all of ours), so it was important to me to make him one that he could use for years to come. I made it out of feedsacks that I had in the house, and which happened to be red and green and very festive. I haven't gotten around to embroidering his name on it yet, but maybe that will be a project to do on Christmas Eve.

So as we head into the last weekend before the holiday, this is my reminder to try to push away the retail pressure and remember that it's really the little things that come from the heart that can go the farthest.

Though, of course, if you don't have time (or the inclination) to start making gifts now, hit up your favorite local store—I have a trip to Ephemera planned—or search for "ready to ship" on Etsy. Other people's handiwork counts too!

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