Monday, December 6, 2010

Thoughts of Home (via the Hudson Valley)

Part of why I like my job so much is that I am able to spend time in nyc about once a month—which also means that I get to see my friends here very often, which is pretty great considering how far away I actually live. Lately though, I am finding it harder to be away from my Iowa home for extended periods of time, which I think is simply telling of how much life there suits me. I think all of those things are good things, a big old blend of love and friendship made easier by plane travel. 

I am grateful for all of the lovely people in my life, friends who live near woods like shown above, another friend who gifted me with amazing handmade quilts, and family with whom I'm able to have Sunday night dinner. And a fiance who's been sending messages of delightful things cooking away in our slow cooker, reminding me of the comfort that's waiting for me at home.

P.S. You should totally watch Mary Poppins again. We did over the weekend and it was so darn good. And you should visit Clay, Wood & Cotton if you are ever in Beacon. Handmade holiday shopping mecca.

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  1. i still love mary poppins :) I enjoyed my visit to your blog tonight