Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Our Wedding: The Ceremony & Dinner

Hooray, it's time to share wedding photos! We had our ceremony at the Rose Garden behind the Des Moines Art Center, where we had our first date. The garden is filled with interesting architecture, along with roses and lovely trees, which we thought was a perfect setting. This is one of my very favorite photos—I love the movement in it and how we're clearly on our way somewhere important!

My momma and I (with my pretty sis in the background), sharing a laugh at the back of the aisle.

I love that my natural reaction to being pronounced husband and wife was simply to say "Yay!".

Our families, getting into the spirit of the celebration. I just love the silly expressions on everyone's faces.

The trees gave us just the right amount of light filtering—but so much of the way the photos turned out was simply due to the eye of our photographer (and my good friend) Bethany.

I really enjoyed all of the opportunities to hug my new husband, as you can tell.

We had the dinner after the ceremony at Cafe di Scala, and brought in wine from Chimney Rock, where our good friend Betty is the winemaker.

The food, including this pesto pizza, went incredibly quickly—it was so delicious! They even accommodated a handful of gluten free guests, which was great.

The feeling of the dinner and being surrounded by our close family and friends eating good food and drinking excellent wine was so lovely. I wish that we had a photo of the desserts because they were lovely too—a citrus panna cotta and a flourless chocolate torte with an almond brittle crust. So delicious!

Photos by the lovely and talented Bethany Kohoutek.


  1. What an amazing, intimate wedding! You look beautiful, congratulations!!!


  2. Amazing! The dress is perfect, and takes me back to the workshop. Kind of want to go back this fall. Thanks for sharing!

  3. We did a simple wedding like that. Got married in my husband's grandparents' backyard and had dinner at a local restaurant in a reserved room. It was simple, elegant and the happiest day of my life.

  4. Gorgeous pics, you are so obviously happy and giddy--and lovely--!

  5. Oh so lovely! EVERYONE looks so happy - it must have been a wonderful day - CONGRATULATIONS!

  6. Looks absolutely beautiful! Congrats to the bride and groom!

  7. Congratulations! I love how utterly happy you look! The dress looks perfect and fits you to a T and I love the silver shoes. I'm so glad everything went the way that you wanted. Don't forget to show us which earrings you chose and a picture of the beading on your sister's dress. PLEASE. Boy I got bossy there, didn't I?

  8. Thanks so much everyone! Yes, I do owe you all a more close up photo of my sister's dress, which I am working on. And I don't have a great photo where you can see the earrings but I just put them onto the facebook page so you can see them: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Things-We-Make/81147188461

  9. Amy, I first "heard" about you in an article I read about Natalie Chanin (who I am a little obsessed with). I was very intrigued to hear that someone had come to one of her workshops (I am scheduled to go to the one in November) to work on her own wedding dress. When Natalie posted a link to your blog on her website I was very excited to see your creation and have not been disappointed. You and I seem to share a love for several things: hand-crafted wedding details, hand stitched clothing (especially the Chanin variety), gardening. It is too late tonight to do your blog justice but I'm planning to return and look through your archives. I've written posts about my Alabama Chanin garments and my hand crafted wedding if you care to take a look on my blog. Congratulations and best wishes on a lovely, lovely wedding.

  10. Hi Julie-
    Thank you so much for your kind words and for coming over here from Natalie's blog. I'd love to look at your blog too—can you post the url for me please? Thanks so much!!

  11. Hi Amy. My blog can be found at www.fromthesehands.net. Am so enjoying your blog.

  12. Unbelieveably gorgeous. Your dress is amazing and I just adore the hairstyle. So simple, elegant and beautiful. It's obvious how much love, care and thought you put into each detail to make this such a special, memorable day. Hats off to you and a huge congratulations! May you rest and relax in our newly wedded bliss!