Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Our Wedding: In Details

Today I'm going to share some of the details that went into the making of our wedding. It's been really fun and a bit emotional to go through all of the pictures, but I can't say enough about the joy it has been to have our photographer be one of our closest friends. She captured so many of the handmade my dress!! You can see it here in all it's stitched glory and while many people questioned the logic when I spend 120 hours working on this, I am here to say it was entirely worth it. It felt familiar and comfortable, like it was already part of me because we had spent so much time together. And as it was 99 degrees on wedding day, jersey cotton proved to be the way to go!

The morning of the wedding I went to a local wholesaler with my good friend. I had scoped things out the week before so I had a general sense of what was there, and we bought up as many flowers as we thought we'd need. I'd never made a bouquet before (though I did read a lot of online tutorials, like this one), but I've arranged a lot of flowers over the years so I figured that we'd make it work one way or another. Amazingly, the two bouquets too maybe an hour, hour and a half and it was the perfect activity for me to do that morning. The one here above is mine—I loved it so much!

 And this one, which has more pinks, was for my sister. I think the twine around the stems really helped to set the rustic elegant tone that I was going for (plus it was easy to wrap on there and make stay put, so that helped!).

 We used rosemary and sage from our garden for the two boutonnieres, though the heat wilted the sage pretty quickly (I pulled it off after the ceremony so it wasn't all sad in any pictures). Our garden is a big part of our lives so it meant a lot to us that we were able to incorporate it into the day.

 Here is my clutch, which I made one weekend during the spring, with a silk hankie that I found with a box of stitched items that I had from my paternal grandmother. It came in very handy!

In addition to it being 99 degrees on wedding day, I thought that the cut of my dress would be better with my hair up. And while my trial went well, I was stunned with how great the final result turned out—it was exactly right (thank you Salon W!). And the little hair comb that I made with beads leftover from my dress was the perfect touch of sparkle. 

 Josh's ties for the weekend worked out really well. They were both made by Annabela with Liberty fabric that I ordered from Purl.

 My sister's dress, again from Alabama Chanin like mine, with stitched eyelets around the bottom and beading around the neckline. I loved that our dresses went so well together and that she got to have something handstitched by me to wear as well.

 Tomorrow, what we did the day after the wedding!

Photos by the lovely and talented Bethany Kohoutek.


  1. Wow, everything was so lovely. You did a great job.

  2. Such gorgeous details. Your bouquet came out AMAZING! beautiful.