Friday, April 1, 2011

My Sister's Dress, Update #2

For about the past month, I've been stitching my heart out in eyelets as I've done the front part of my sister's dress. I did refine it a bit after taking this photo, so that the top line isn't quite so straight across but is more fluid, but this gives you a pretty good sense of how it's coming together. I've beaded around the neckline and just started working on the back, so I figure that I'll have this done by the end of April and I can get it to Katie so that she can make sure it, fingers crossed, fits. (I am confident that it will since I have seen this dress shape on a few people and in every case it's looked fantastic, but I am sure we'll all feel better when we know for sure--which is part of the problem of not living closer to each other, but I have faith!)
As I am sure that I mentioned, this is different from working on my dress since this one is all freehand (mine had a pattern and lines to stitch around). So it's sort of scary in a different way, but I must admit that I  LOVE the colors so very much that working on it feels like sitting out in the sun. Yes, apparently I really do love pink.

It's exactly three months to the wedding today, so I'm definitely getting excited that we're that close. And if we can get the invitations in the mail this week, we'll pretty much be right on schedule...

Happy almost weekend everyone!


  1. Very beautiful I would love to see it close up.

  2. there's a place holder for you!

  3. just detailed work! i admire your patience!