Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dreamy Hand Felted Goodness

I am telling you right now, if I were getting married in the fall, winter or early spring, I would SO be buying these flowers for the women of honor (my mom, mother in law to be, sister, bff's) to wear at the ceremony.

Suzanna and Lily are the ladies behind these hand felted creations all the way from Dublin. Their signature seems to be these big, dreamy flowers used in headbands, brooches, bracelets and on bags. There's something about them that makes me want to go walk through the woods in a long flowy dress.

Here's a bit about their work:
We are textile artists, working primarily in feltmaking. Felted wool fabric is one of the most ancient textiles. Our entire collection is created using the highest quality of natural and sustainable materials.Wool comes from an annually renewable source. Each year, the wool on an animal grows back, and each spring the coat is shorn once again ready for summer. We use a variety of raw wools which are selected for their felting characteristics, texture and wearability.They are hand-dyed and hand carded by us to provide a wide palette range, and then hand-felted by layering and building up color and texture to achieve a soft and flexible felted item. Our accessories are created to work across all seasons, and last for many seasons – a counterpoint to disposable consumerism.

I'm actually thinking that these might be the perfect accessories to bring happiness on this spring-straddling-winter season that we seem to be in. Happy sigh to ethereal flowers we can wear on our person.


  1. Oh! These are just too perfect!!!!! Love that big white one with the red center!