Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Q&A with Melissa of Everything Blooms

I love today's post because of Melissa's enthusiasm for her crafty side, which is something that I think we all need to pay more attention to. Pay particular attention to the part where she explains how she fits that in with her full time job and also to her husband's advice to her when she was first starting out. He sounds like a good man to have around! And now, here's Melissa, maker of the sweetest shoe and hair clips that I've seen in a long while.

Name: Melissa Moran

Where do you live?
I live in Boynton Beach, FL (South Florida)
Do you think that influences the style of your work? Yes - to some degree. We're so lucky to have such amazing weather here in Florida year round that I do have a tendency to work with bright color fabrics!

Is this your full time work? If not, what do you do?

Unfortunately, no During the day, I work as a market research analyst primarily focused on new product development for food service disposables.

Do you have a partner/husband/family? How do they factor into the way that you show your creativity?

Yes - I have a wonderful, loving husband and a sweet little Beagle named Milly!! I owe the start of my Etsy shop to my husband - he bought me a sewing machine as a Christmas gift - it was a total surprise!! I had mentioned to him that I wanted to start sewing and there is was - my sewing machine on Christmas morning.  Tom is very supportive of all my projects and he really inspires me to continue pursuing my craft ( :

How did you learn to make or decide upon your designs?

For my Fabric Blooms, I first starting making flowers using a Kanzashi method (Japanese art form).  Really like the intricacy of the art, but I wasn't completely happy with the finished product for my hairclips and shoeclips.  I began researching a few different fabric flower methods and began piecing different designing methods here and there and finally came to something that I felt represented my sense of style.

Have you always made things?
I've always had a pretty crafty side, but I didn't start sewing and making accessories until 2 years ago - when Tom bought me the sewing machine!  Now I am completely obsessed!! I continue doing it because the work not only relaxes me but I truly enjoy exercising my creativity by creating designs that people will enjoy. There is nothing like making a Fabric Bloom Hairclip and receiving a picture of a smiling little girl wearing it.  Every time I make something, I think about it as a gift - and there is no better feeling that giving people surprise gifts and seeing their happy expressions when they open it!!

 How do you balance your need to do creative work with the demands of busy daily life?
I make it a point to schedule it into my day. I must admit that I've been up until 2 am before - trying to get "one more done!", but overall it works well. Sometimes I'll have a craft night with my sister and mom - I just love making it fun. I never want my creative work to become "work".

What do you think sets your work apart?
I like designing products that are practical and useful in different ways. I want the products to accommodate and adapt to the people that buy them. For example, my shoe clips are very diverse in that you can wear them to work on cute heels or clip on them on your flip flops for a fun day out.  I've even clipped on them on my dog's collar!! I also must admit that my day job tends to creep up into my creative world here and there, and from work— I've learned that packaging is everything! So, I also wanted to have unique packaging for my products - something that would stand out and claim that it was from Everything Blooms. I decided to make "stems" for my Fabric Blooms. The stems are perfect because it really finishes off the flower look. They're so fun and unique. I've never seen fabric flowers displayed this way and I'm hoping that this will be my trademark!

Do you have any advice for other aspiring designers?

JUST GO FOR IT!! That's what my husband told me. He said to me, "Stop reading that sewing manual and just go for it," and I did and I haven't stopped. At times, I thought that maybe no one would like my work, but I was wrong. If you put your heart into it - people will see that and that's what they'll really learn to appreciate.


  1. I love your enthusiasm and your "go for it" point of view! You make beautiful art :)

  2. Versatile fun for everyone (dogs too!)! :)
    Cute ideas.