Monday, March 21, 2011

Weekend Highlights: Early Spring Delights

We were gifted with weather that was warm enough to open up our house for the first time yesterday and even enjoy dinner on the screened in porch. We moved into the house a year ago later this April, so I am really looking forward to sitting on the porch throughout the spring, watching the yard get progressively greener and greener. Our volunteer spinach has grown like crazy and we will likely pick the bigger leaves today or tomorrow. I'm still amazed that it's been able to grow in the frigid weather that's been with us up until now, but it's making us realize that we might as well plant a bit more spinach (and maybe get around to cleaning the leaves and pine needles out of the bed!) and take advantage of a bit of backyard produce before it's time to plant more delicate plants.

Our seedlings continue to grow, and it's so lovely having them right in sight in the kitchen where I spent some time over the weekend.

We had a lot of leftover skillet cornbread, so I had the—if I do say so myself—brilliant idea of turning it into French Toast for Sunday breakfast. It was super easy and quick, and it took the batter really nicely. This idea is definitely a keeper!

I also made my first batch of Gluten-Free Whole Grain Muffins (I'm not eating gluten because I discovered that it gives me migraines) and they are So delicious! I think it's the brown sugar that gives them their lovely texture as they are a bit crunchy, and I look forward to experimenting with other flavors. These are cranberry walnut with a little added cinnamon. I'm really enjoying Shauna's recipes, especially for baked goods, and especially now that I have a kitchen scale.

The other highlight was a Sunday sewing session with friends. It was so lovely to get a good amount of stitching done on my sisters dress with a side of conversation and friendship. Makes being productive much more enjoyable!

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