Friday, March 25, 2011

On Choosing a Tie

When thinking about what Josh would wear for our wedding, and considering that my dress is handmade, my sister's dress is handmade, I really wanted to incorporate a bit of that same fabric goodness into his attire. The easiest place to do that—because custom suits are $$$—was with his tie, so that's what we're trying to do with a handmade tie to match his navy blue suit.
Above you can see the two fabrics that we're having the lovely Anabela of Field Guided make into ties for us. They are both Liberty of London prints from Purl and they both complement what my sister and I are wearing. Since the colors that I chose for the wedding really only have to do with invitations and my sister's dress, we had a bit more flexibility which was fun. And while this project will involve a decent amount of mailing packages back and forth, the cost for two custom ties is still less than one fancy one in a store that we likely wouldn't love as much—which seems like a win in the DIY wedding category to me!

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