Friday, September 17, 2010

Wedding Planning: The Color Palette!

Oh boy does this make me happy! As I mentioned last week, I'm going to be sharing some aspects of wedding planning and inspiration on Fridays and where better to start than with color, right? Right!

Pinks: I am a pink girl. I love it, and while purple was my go-to color until I was about 6, since then it's been straight pink. I love the variations, the way that the color can be cheerful, sophisticated, moody, and elegant.
Coral/Salmon: Seriously, someone needs to rename this color because the names just don't do it justice. These warmer pinky/orange tones play really well with my skin tones so I figure that by having bursts of it around, it will make me look good, very naturally. I also like the energy that this brings to the palette.
Buttercup Yellow: I'm thinking of buttercup yellow (not sunflower yellow) to break up the potential too-muchness if I just used all pink. I like that, together with the pink and corals, the grouping feels like summer. Which is appropriate since the wedding is in July!
Cool Gray: Lest I start thinking of this wedding as a festival of femininity, the grays are there to ground me, to provide a solid, yet subtle base. They also help to cool the palette slightly, which I like because it symbolizes the transition from the daytime outdoor ceremony into the nighttime reception which is inside. I also adore the combination of pink and gray, so I definitely had to sneak that in there.
Navy: This one is for Josh specifically since it's in the running for his suit color. I want to incorporate him and what he might be wearing into the planning process, so this is a little reminder not to forget that aspect. It also adds a hit of classic and traditional, which is nice.
Dark Green: To symbolize that we will be having locally grown flowers and wildflowers on the tables at the reception (got to account for the color of the stems!) and that we'll be getting married in a garden. I don't imagine that this color will be used in anything besides those natural elements, but I think it's important to keep it in mind.
Wood Brown: This again speaks to surroundings—the floors of the reception venue are hardwood and there are dark beams overhead in the main room. So there is a lot of brown, and I think it's good to have that represented, especially as we start to plan decor. It's important to me that things not get too dark, so I think we're starting with a nice balance here.

I imagine that there will also be a fair amount of white around, so the inspiration photos help bring that in as well. I am printing this image out to be the first page of the binder—happy day!

Also, for the record, it's amazing what accomplishing a small, yet defined task can do to a girls mindframe. I had these colors in my head for weeks now, and getting them out to share with others (and to have them to look at myself!) has been quite joyful.

So on that note, I wish you a wonderful weekend. Be sure to check back for some big food related news here on Monday!

[Images clockwise from top left: My sincere apologies that I do not have record of the origins of this first one- if you know who it came from, please comment!; me; Color Me Pretty post from Decor8; Garden Party inspiration photo from OnceWed]


  1. A well nuanced and gorgeous palette!

  2. Beautiful!!! I really love the contrast of the buttercup yellow with all the pink. (Not that there can ever be too much pink!) This is SO exciting.

  3. These are really just you!! Marian

  4. It's so funny, because prior to reading this, I never would have pegged you as a "pink girl." :)