Monday, September 13, 2010

Sunday Bazaar Hits DSM

I popped over to check out the new Sunday bazaar in the East Village (well I actually went to pay a visit to the fine folks of At East Day Spa, but it was right outside!), and the event seemed to be a big success. While many crafty folks were selling their wares in Chicago at Renegade this weekend, our local makers set up in the street and sold everything from handmade wood furniture to fudge and accessories. It felt very grassroots and community-based, and it was nice to get a chance to see what more creative types around the city are up to.

This is the neighborhood where my friends Karen and Arin have their lovely shop Ephemera, it's home to a few of my favorite restaurants, and it's the neighborhood where we're having the wedding reception—so I'm a big fan!

I exerted some of my own making skills over the past two days and I'm happy to report that the wall hanging headboard is quilting up at lightning speed. This is by far the fastest item I've ever made, which is reminding me that sometimes small is definitely better. And, if I ever decide to try to sell my quilted goods, this scale (or even smaller) is by far the only way to do it. (Selling what I make has never been possible since my big quilts take about a year. But items that take 2 weeks? Possible!)

P.S. I made pear butter with free fruit from a friend's tree recently. Click here to read about it and find the crazy simple (no sugar added) recipe over on

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