Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Creative Balance and Crochet: Ashley of Blackwell Studio

While it was cold and rainy last weekend, I went through my stash of yarn to see what was hiding in there that I'd forgotten about—as it is the season to knit and crochet after all! And after getting in the mood for yarn, I had to share some of this work from Ashley of Blackwell Studio. It's chunky and cozy looking, sweet and slightly sassy. She's got some great advice to share about creative balance. Enjoy!

Name: Ashley Nunez
Maker of: crochet slippers, hats, and scarves

Why crochet?
When I first started crocheting I liked it because it kept my hands busy and it was good to pass the time, now I love it because I get to create such wonderful pieces that are handmade by my hands, they are unique, and they are the designs that I love & choose! It's also such a great feeling to touch, hold, and watch something come together that had only begun as a skein of yarn and a needle.

How do you find balance between your creative self and everyday life?
I balance it by being scheduled, but yet I try not to force myself to crochet just because it is the day or time to crochet..I try to keep to my schedule but if I'm not feeling creative I don't want to push it. I don't want to lose the passion, desire, and fun that come with crocheting. So when there is a moment I am feeling extra creative I try to put that first and feed it so I don't lose that drive and ambition...My day job, though more demanding, is quite flexible which allows me to sometimes put crocheting first.

Where do you find your inspiration?
I find it mostly through colors. I LOVE colors! Anything bright, bold, and cheery I am usually drawn to. My creations tend to be very colorful and the spring and summer seasons make it very easy for me to fill that need! I also love the autumn and winter seasons because I can get more into the earthy neutral colors that offer much diversity and beauty. I also love to create things that are bigger, chunkier, and make a statement which is particularly easy in the colder time of the year. So my creations tend to always have an extra pizazz or pop of some sort added to them...I also have a huge soft spot for the more simple and elegant creations which will slip in to my shop from time to time..


  1. Gah! I love those flowers on the slippers! I think I might need to figure out crocheting so I can add some to those purple ballet slippers I just knitted... Hmm...

  2. Thank you so much Amy for your support & interest in my creations! Xoxoxo