Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Swoon-worthy Crochet Accessories from Maria of Kjoo

Oh my heavens. Is this not the most gorgeous group of accessories you've seen in forever? I am completely smitten with Maria's work and if you are related to me, or are a close friend, and you have a birthday coming up, expect to see one of these items in your mailbox! The thing I can't quite wrap my head around is what she did to crochet—I had no idea that craft could be taken to this beautiful place, a place that seems to be both modern and traditional, a place inspired by tribal jewelry, yet one that feels completely authentic. Love!

Name: Maria João Ribeiro
Location: Portugal
How did you first learn to crochet?
I first learned as a child with my grandmother. Then a few years ago, I started to crochet again after a long time. I am continuously learning...

Is this your fulltime work? 
I am a graphic designer also, but my kjoo accessories is taking 99% of my time at the moment.

Where do you find your inspiration?
Inspiration comes from day-to-day life, nature, antique findings or travel. I am always very much inspired by African tribal jewelry.

What's the best part of creating?
This is a difficult question...I love what I do and I am so proud when I have something in mind and I can accomplish all the process, from the idea to the product itself. I love details, unexpected ones, I believe you can see this on my work.


  1. Love!! And agreed, this is so not your grandma's crochet... it seems like she uses very fine yarn, for starters, which helps avoid that afghan vibe. Amazing!

  2. Thank you so much Amy for featuring my work!
    Thank you also Little messy missy and Virginia.

  3. I am obsessed and clicking on her Etsy site this instant. Her work is beautiful. Thanks for sharing, Amy!

  4. I just love these colors SO much!!! Thanks for the introduction!