Monday, September 20, 2010

It's-Starting-to-Feel-Like-Fall Apple Crisp

Oh fall, I am not quite ready for you because at the moment you feel like you're taking us straight into winter with your chilly, rainy days. But I am doing my best to embrace this weather by making a point to cook more comforting foods—a pot of meat sauce (using local meat from Grinnell Heritage Farm), baked fennel (finicchio! In Italian, which I was proclaiming all over the house), and the first apple crisp of the season.

We get some pretty good apples here at the farmers market and last week I went and stocked up because I knew that this urge would hit. My version of apple crisp swaps in plain yogurt for butter, making a sort of cross between a cobbler and crisp topping. It's very good, just sweet enough, and the perfect way to end a chilly weekend in September.

I am also happy to report that I'm sewing my way around the binding of my wall hanging headboard. Soon, my friends, this project will be in its rightful place on my guest bedroom wall!

I'm off to nyc for the start of this week where I eagerly look forward to the delightful sunny 70s forecast and the smiling faces of my dear friends.

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