Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Shop Love: Shop Sweet Lulu

I'm not sure I've ever done a post like this, but after stumbling onto Shop Sweet Lulu a week or so back, I knew I had to share. I'm trying to get as much done for the wedding ahead of time because I know that the month before (June!) will be busy regardless. And even though we're keeping things simple, I was still in the market for a few special touches for the potluck party that we're having the day after the wedding.

Namely, fun straws (to dress up plain compostable cups), twine (to tie around the mason jars that will hold flowers for the tables), and doilies (which will go under the mason jars as a sort of table runner-esque touch. I might even make a few doily garlands!

Anyway, part of my plan is to do as much supply gathering online so that I can minimize the running around that I'm doing--which is also because my local Michaels is pretty much consistently a mob scene--and Shop Sweet Lulu had everything I was looking for, and then some...I was trying to decide if there was any reason on earth that I needed the little cups above. I didn't come up with one but if anyone has a suggestion, please let me know:)


  1. I am already obsessed with this shop, I want everything!

  2. those cups are darling! yay for finding what you needed.

  3. I found this shop a couple weeks ago and think it is lovely! I love the bright colors. It makes me want to host a party!