Monday, April 4, 2011

Weekend Highlights: Paint, Pizza, Snacks and Socca

 The weekend was crazy productive in the sense that we finally had time to do projects that we've been talking about doing for what feels like forever. The first one was painting the downstairs bathroom, which we've needed to do for a year since we moved into the house, but we simply needed a break from painting...but oh how I hated the color that was there! It was a sort of rust color that matched the tile floor and since I otherwise love the tile floor, I really wanted to soften up the room with a creamy color. Which you can see above.

It took three coats to cover it well and with the sunlight that the room gets, it's officially calm and serene, just like a bathroom should be. I even recaulked around the tub for good measure!

 I also finally had time to clean out about 75% of the flower beds (which now probably don't show my efforts since it's been crazy windy here) and am delighted with all of the budding green. And, even more exciting is that I'm finally starting to understand the yard in a way that I know what to do (at least more than I did last year!). Next up: to plant some wildflowers in with the irises and hostas out front to make the beds feel more like us.

Josh made his most perfect pizza yet, using the last of the pesto from last summer's garden...

 And I made a batch of trail bars (using gluten free oats, almond butter, and coconut in place of the wheat germ), which have become a staple in our house...

And also this crepe called Socca made with garbanzo bean flour, rosemary, salt, water and olive oil. It was super fast and is a nice gluten free alternative to a roll or slice of bread for dinner. Next time I might add a bit more salt than the recipe called for, but overall, it was a great first attempt at a new recipe. Click here to see a version that comes with a much more enticing photo!


  1. Congrats on your bathroom task! And that pizza looks delish :)

  2. Best pizza yet! I am a willing student of the kitchen.