Friday, July 29, 2011

Photo Friday: Tomatoes in a Mint Bowl

 In getting back on schedule with regular features, today's image really speaks to me because it is an artistic interpretation of something that's a steady feature in our house—lovely tomatoes (lately, sungolds from Grinnell Heritage Farm) in a colorful latte bowl (I have this set, which I adore). The print is from TheJoyofColor on Etsy and I urge you to scroll through her work because each one feels more lively and inspired than the next. The past few years, I've really tried to support independent artists by buying artwork for my walls and while the wall space in most of our house is somewhat occupied, I recently realized that the kitchen needs some love! So hopefully I can add a few lovely pieces, maybe even this one, to the yellow walls.

And now for a little link love:

Alyssa Ettinger recently started making porcelain pendants (you might know of her porcelain mason jars or her knitwear bowls). The pendants are gorgeous.

There is a new issue of Nuno Magazine out (this issue is all about the desert, with 23 crafty projects that channel the Southwest—includinga rad throw rug clutch and paper beads I am dying to try to make—using recycled or repurposed materials) and I can't wait to get myself a copy.

Josh made pickled beets this week, which marked the first official canning done in our house which is tremendously exciting. But when I saw this post on Simple Bites about Lacto-Fermentation I realized that there might be a way to preserve food minus the boiling water (which would be nice for our sweltering Iowa summer). I am looking forward to reading more about this method.

I need to try making this gluten free fresh pasta. I should do it on a lazy Sunday and serve it with pesto.

And hitting the sweltering heat note again, this Orange Creamsicle smoothie recipe sounds completely delicious.

Josh is running a race tomorrow morning with his buddy in Davenport, so we're going to do a little exploring of the Quad Cities in Eastern Iowa while we out that way. Enjoy the weekend everyone!

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