Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Story Behind the Craft: Jenna of Jenna Sue Designs

 If you came to visit in my house, much of what you'd immediately see is that we have a lot of prints and photographs on our walls. I love to surround myself with images that inspire me and make me happy, so I'm always adding to our wall arrangements. This means that I'm always eager to hear from the artists behind some of my favorite works. Today, a bit of the story behind the work of Jenna from  Jenna Sue Design. How sweet is that fork?!

Tell me a little bit about what you make.
I make customized, personalized prints for the home. Everything from city maps to nursery prints to custom quotes and wedding vows. It's a little of everything so everyone can find something that would be perfect in their home.

How did you learn your craft and what do you like about it?
I went to art school and graduated a few years ago. I've had a few design jobs since then but nothing I've ever felt passionate about. When we bought our home in Florida last fall I really wanted to make it fun and personalized, so I began designing prints for different rooms. This grew into a large collection and I loved it so much I decided to open my own shop. I've finally found my calling!

Is this your full time work? If not, why and how do you make time for this creative work? Unfortunately, not yet. With the way things are going I should be at this full time by the end of the year though!

What are some of your favorite pieces in the shop right now? 
Every print has a special place in my heart and I rotate them throughout my own home, but by far the most popular are my city map prints (I'm working on a second store just for them, actually!). The second best seller is my wedding vow print.

What do you hope customers experience when they purchase something from you? 
I want them to have a truly personal piece that has a special meaning to them. I want them to be able to fill their home with prints that make them smile every day for years to come.

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