Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fall Inspiration and Sara Norris Photography

I flew to New York City this morning for work and the colors of the trees—rich golds, brilliant reds, vibrant oranges—were astounding. I am definitely feeling more aware of the changing trees this year (or maybe they actually are brighter, who knows!) and the view this morning was a lovely way to start the week.

Which brings me to today's post. Sara Norris is a photographer who recently made photography her full time work. The image above caught my eye for obvious reasons, but I also love the ones below as well.
I really enjoy how she plays with color and light and that I can very easily imagine myself in her photos. Sara also talks about how she's trying to give people an opportunity to own affordable art, which I whole heartedly support.
I'm actually doing a seminar on that very topic at the Metro Arts Expo on Saturday November 7 and am happy to have another resource to share.

Sara recently added gift tags and new prints to her store, and I'm looking forward to following her work in the coming months.

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