Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Online Family Art Journal from Iowa City

There is nothing better than getting an email with this much enthusiasm: "I came across your site from Mod-Podge Rocks (Amy is so cool over there!) and was so excited to discover a cool, fellow Iowan blogger! I thought I’d invite you to come visit our family’s art journal, because hey, you never know, you and your readers might be interested in our FUN art work! "

The email was from Jill, who along with her three sisters and their mom, blog together about their creative pursuits. And they hit art and craft fairs to man a booth together. First of all, they look like they are having a ridiculous amount of fun, and secondly, I just love the idea that art is how they connect with each other.

Here's more from Jill about what they are up to:
"We are a unique family of artists in Iowa City, Iowa - a creative mom and daughters, who have families of our own. Our mixed media artwork is full of hope, humor and whimsy. It celebrates womanhood, living with intention, family and faith. We use a variety of materials in our work, including acrylics, vintage and new paper, found objects and embellishments. We have so much fun looking for thrift store treasures, and use old frames and scrap wood to showcase our work. We also recycle wool sweaters and other vintage fabrics which my mother makes into wonderful art dolls."
You'll have to check out their blog and their etsy shops (Jill is at Paper Prayers and her sister Laura can be found at Green Girl Designs) for more info because this is just a peek, but I couldn't help but let Jill's voice infuse some energy into my blog on this October Tuesday.

You can find them at Iowa City’s Iowa Arts Fest, Davenport’s Riverssance, plus they do the Spring Art Market in Valley Junction in May and the Beaverdale Holiday Boutique which is coming up!


  1. I love these girls and their art! Wish I lived closer to visit one of their art shows!

  2. Thanks Amy (and Sara!) for your kind words. We're so excited to have found another artsy blogger who is in Iowa!

  3. I love these girls! I hope you Iowans are okay in the snow. . .