Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My Grandmother's Thimbles

I inherited many of my Grandmom Palanjian's sewing notions, from plastic containers filled with ric rac and lace ribbon, to old buttons, some of her knitting needles, and a collection of tiny jars filled with stitch markers, bobbins and these thimbles. Last night, as I was making a card for my friend Katherine who is getting married this weekend, I needed a thimble. So I pulled the jar out and realized that there was this little piece of paper all folded up inside. The last time I found something similar it was in a plastic bag with a bracelet that caught my eye while going through her jewelry box. Amazingly, she'd written that the bracelet was for me. But back to the thimbles. I was delighted to pull out this sheet on the "magic thimble". So sweet and I just love knowing that at some point in time, for some specific reason, my grandmother decided to save this.

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