Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Katherine's Wedding: Sneak Peek

Just a teaser image from Katherine and Jonathan's wedding in New Orleans this past weekend. This is the exterior of the Orlean club, where the reception was. It's an old social club near Loyola, Tulane and Audubon Park and was as magical a setting for a wedding reception as it appears to be.
To hear a little more from another guest of the wedding, check out what Meg over at A Practical Wedding said about her experience (note: I was the other reader she mentions meeting!).

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  1. Um. How did we not talk about Ready Made, since I was obsessing about how good the last issue was the whole flight to New Orleans? (Your new creative director is tearing it up).

    Also. I hope you will be posting pictures since we FORGOT TO TAKE ANY. Ughhhh. Though we have lots of the last few days in NOLA.