Monday, November 15, 2010

Late Fall Garden Goodness

Earlier this fall (or perhaps it was late summer) we planted another round of cold hearty veggies in the hopes that we'd have some backyard goodies to take us through November. We planted carrots, broccoli, beets, and turnips and then hoped. As this was my first year as a co-gardener (though really it's Josh's domain) I have been constantly amazed that seeds actually turn into food. I know that makes me sound like a 4th grader, but I think it's hard to remember that when you aren't doing it yourself.

We patiently watched as the turnips, who had enormous, dark leafy green tops that were downright showy in their abundance, grew and the beets timidly started their journey towards our table. After two nights below 30, we decided we'd give the turnip greens a break and pull them—they wilted overnight but kept rallying back to life once the sun came out, but still, it seemed like a lot of work. Josh also pulled some of the beets while he was at it.

The carrots are still out there, but we enjoyed the green tops of the rest sauteed with olive oil, lots of garlic, salt and raisins (that's Tuscan style for you) last night with a slow cooker pot roast. Somehow, enjoying that burst of our backyard made me feel better about the earlier snow shower and coming winter.

P.S. I finished the third panel of the dress and am about 1/3 into the fourth as I take advantage of free time before the holidays arrive. Loving the feeling of progress!


  1. Next year's garden will be even better!

  2. yum! autumn's vegetables are my favorite.