Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Warm and Cozy Knitwear from Branda

I am entirely obsessed with these knit bucket hats—I'm not sure I've ever seen anything like them, but I am definitely adding one to my holiday wish list this year. I think one would be just the thing to keep my head warm through a long Iowa winter. Let's here from the ladies behind the darling hat, which is just one type of knitwear that they make. Read on!

Tell me a little bit about yourselves.
We are Mariana and Paula, two sisters who work together and love to do it. We live in Buenos Aires, Argentina and we make hand knitted accessories we sell in our store Branda. There you can find different kind of scarves (from thin to wide, simple to aran cabled), neck warmers, bucket hats and berets, laced cuff and funny fingerless gloves.

Is there significance to the name of your shop?
We called our store Branda as a tribute to our grandmother who taught us how to knit 2 needles when we were just two little kids.

Is this your full time work?
Yes, we dedicate all the time to making crafts, specially knitting.

  What do you think makes your work unique?
Well, at first because it was made for us, not for other person, and we dedicate to do it a time, where we can be feeling and living different situations. Every person leave in a craft a different seal, a different way which is unique.

What do you love about knitting?
We love the variety. Just with a thread and a pair of nails it can be done infinite patterns and garments. Stitch by stitch, just with a different gesture or movement you can create things totally different. Something that is nothing more than a skein of thread becomes a fabric just with a flick of the needles.

 How does knitting make you feel, or what is it about the craft that inspires you so?
We feel we are producing something valuable. All the time we are using garments mass produced, so when we are making or finish a scarf we feel we have produce something special that will be part of the live of someone.


  1. I am on board with this trend! So funny because just last night, I printed off some patterns to knit myself a bucket hat and a set of cabled fingerless mittens. LOVE these ladies' stuff — so inspiring!

  2. The shape of these hats is fantastic, and what an inspiring story!!!

  3. gorgeous gorgeous gloves...