Monday, November 22, 2010

On Gratitude

 As we get closer to Thanksgiving, I thought I'd take a moment to reflect on what I'm grateful for. And then I'm going to take the rest of the week off from blogging as a reward- but before I do that, please chime in and add something that you are especially thankful for this year in the comments. I think this will be a great way to start off the holiday season—all positive and reflective like!

I am grateful for...
The health of my family, and progress towards health for two members who have recently had some challenges.
A comfortable, warm, and loving home.
A creative circle of girlfriends who continually inspire me, both near and far.
Healthy babies being born to good friends.
Strengthening my back to a point that enables me to run again.
The experience of stitching my wedding dress, and having the time to reflect on that enormous step while sewing something very pretty.
Rewarding and engaging work.
Having someone to cook for.
Our local farmers who are helping to add health to the Iowa landscape, and who provide us with delicious organic vegetables.
Lazy Sunday afternoons.
The best partner in life and in love that I could ever imagine.

The image above is by one of the creative friends I mentioned- check out more of Bethany's work right here.

Your turn. What are you grateful for?


  1. Well, isn't this lovely!

    I am grateful for so many of the same things: Rock star friends, my beloved house (and getting to live between water and mountains), my amazing and endlessly supportive family who I can't wait to see this week, my beyond-amazing husband.

    Plus three ridiculous cats who always seem to know when I need them to curl up on me.

  2. A new blade on my rotary cutter - perfect squares may actually be doable!

    A husband who is supporting me in starting a home-based business.

    Healthy/happy kids and a granddaughter on the way.

    You. Yeah... you and all the other bloggy friends who give me ideas, tips, pointers, and company. Thanks.

  3. i'm grateful that your list reads the way it does.
    for my eyes, because everyday i see something beautiful.
    for my family, for they are the reason i breathe.
    for my freedom, as i live in the last frontier of such an idea, thank God for our military and service personnel, who give everything including themselves so that i may enjoy such freedoms.
    for my home, which is my comfort zone.
    for the internet, i'd be lost without the world at my fingertips.
    for my camera, my third arm, enabling me to express myself and save the moment as well --- forever.
    for my imagination ~ which can be my best friend and my worst enemy, i'll take it either way.
    for the miracle of the grape. :)
    and may your list take up 10 pages, legal size paper, smallest of fonts, single spaced - and may you run out of room for the rest of your gratitude lists ....
    Happy Thanksgiving ...
    I love your blog ~ and you. xo


    Grateful for you, my friend.