Monday, November 1, 2010

An Ode to Macaroons

Okay, I made an enormous discovery this weekend- coconut macaroons are CRAZY easy to make. No letting butter come to room temperature (no butter at all, in fact), no beating, whipping, or measuring a long list of ingredients. Just coconut, egg whites, sugar and a dash of salt, mixed and scooped onto a lined baking sheet. 15-20 minutes in the oven later you have HEAVEN.

I would like to come back as a macaroon in my next life.

I'm always incredibly amused (and vocal) when I make something at home for the first time and it's way easier than I thought. I have known I love macaroons for maybe my entire life but I just assumed they were hard to make. They are definitely my new go-to baked good because I just can't think of a single other item that delivers such whopping rewards for such little work.

And for all of you who believe that dessert is not dessert without chocolate, dip these suckers into melted chocolate chips and call it a day.

Speaking of all things sweet, I also made two loaves of pumpkin raisin whole wheat bread (with coconut because I can't help myself) and have been eating thick slices with butter all weekend long. I made a concerted effort to stock the fridge over the weekend because my momma is coming to visit tomorrow—so there is veggie chili for dinner and bread for snacking because it's the first time she'll be staying in our house and I want to make sure that she is warmly welcomed. And, apparently, well fed.

The other big weekend development is that my new fabric came from Purl and it goes with the vintage block quilt splendidly. I'm glad I took the time to get the right backing fabric—especially since I already know this quilt will spend a lot of time in use in the living room and being able to really enjoy both sides will come in very handy.

P.S. A big happy birthday to my sweet sis Katie and my friend Cara!


  1. Oh baby. Okay. Macaroons are one of my favorites. When I was pregnant I became a macaroon aficionado and knew every store and bakery's strength and weaknesses. It never occurred to me that I could make these. I mean, they're much too fancy! Gheez, and I just bought a giant bag of Bob's coconut. I guess I know what I'm making this weekend...