Friday, November 6, 2009

November Print of the Month: Pattern Block by Yellow Lion

We recently had some of Yellow Lion's prints in our office and I was so taken with the texture and the colors of them that I knew I had to make one of them a print of the month. This one is monochromatic but filled with interest and it reminds me of quilting or embroidery stitches, with a touch of American folk art. Here's a bit about the maker:
I am a mama and a graphic designer working in Chicago with a love for screen printing. I learned the process about a year and a half ago and am so grateful for the wonderful break from the computer! I did tons of photography, b/w and color, in college and sadly don't have access to a darkroom anymore. So the methodical screen printing patterns suit me very well.

I absolutely love creating art and am glad for the chance to get it out to the masses. Nature serves as my inspiration and I love making things for my home.
My parents are in town, so I'll be spending the day with them tomorrow (and giving my seminar at Metro Arts Expo on buying affordable art- come by at 10 am if you are in town!) and I hope you all have an equally great weekend.

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