Monday, November 30, 2009

Parmesan Sage Custard Tart with Squash and Carmelized Onions

I hope you all had a fantastic holiday and long weekend. I have a few posts this week that will catch you up on how I spent the days, and the first one is the dish I made for Thanksgiving.

When I was deciding between recipes of squash tarts, I tried to choose the easiest one, both in terms of method and ingredients. That didn't actually turn out to be the case as this took me about three hours to make on Wednesday night, but thankfully it was a lot of inactive time (while the dough chilled at various points and I did other things like bake muffins). And it turned out so well—the crisp crust with a hint of sage, the smooth texture of the filling—that I would completely make it again.

Here's the link to the recipe which tastes a bit like quiche, but the rich filling is actually only one egg with a relatively small amount of cream steeped with parmesan, baked over squash and onions (I used more than they called for since I so love caramelized onions).
As I said, this is not a fast recipe, but some of the people who left reviews of it used pre-made crust which is a great option.

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