Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Baked Clay Impressions by Brooke Schmidt

Brooke sent me the link to her etsy shop a few days ago and I am pretty taken with her clay pieces, particularly these magnets. I like the combination of the imprinted images and the typography, plus her use of deep natural tones. Brooke makes each one by hand and while I haven't held one in my hand, I can imagine that they have a fantastic texture to them. 

From Brooke:
I live, work and play in Wyndmoor, Pennsylvania. I am inspired by being outside, soaking in the sun, hiking in the woods, enjoying my garden, and reading all night long. A few times a week I stop by my favorite thrift shops, where I can always find something fantastic for real cheap that just makes me grin, thrill or say a prayer. I love the serendipitous nature of thrift shops: their recycling and reusing natures, and the people who both work and shop there. I donate to them and, like karma, it comes back to me. I often find something I didn't consciously know I was looking for or needing. My art-making runs along those lines too: discover the flow, put it out there, and see what follows.
She also makes sewn works on paper, paintings, altered books and such, all of which you can see at her etsy shop.


  1. I love these they are so simple and i love the designs. I always wanted to work with clay but never had access to a kiln.

  2. Carly: Most crafts stores sell a nice moist terra cotta clay that will bake in your home oven once fully air-dried! I have also come across a terra cotta clay that air dries without baking (I've never tried that one)...You could experiment with those. :)