Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Blog it Forward: What Inspires Me?

I'm thrilled to be participating in the Blog it Forward mash-up that was coordinated by Victoria of SFgirlbybay. If you haven't heard about it, some of my favorite bloggers are sharing their sources of inspiration throughout this month—check out the full mash-up schedule for more details. And with that, here's where I've been finding a lot of inspiration lately.

My new home state of Iowa and the fantastic relationships that I've built over the past 8 months. 
(photo via Girl's Eye View)

Farm fresh veggies from my CSA and having relationships with the people who are growing the produce I eat for more than half of the year.
(photo via Girl's Eye View)

Baking and being inspired to enjoy the process and try new recipes.
(photo via Seven Spoons)


Italian food, particularly a custard tart made and eaten with friends in Italy.

 Pink flowers for their floral pink-ness.
(photo via IreneS)

Colorful fabric in glorious patterns by Anna Maria Horner.

 Timeless and serene quilts by Denyse Schmidt.

Alicia Paulson's ever-impressive handiwork that made me leap at the chance to learn to crochet.

My own quilts, which teach me the value of patience and show me the enormous payoff of working on something slowly for more than a year.

NYC, where flowers like this one grow and thrive, and are as life affirming as good friendships.
(photo via Sloe Gin Fizz)

Check out the post from The Yellow House in the U, who shared yesterday, and Thompson Family Life who's up tomorrow. I'm part of the group being hosted by Smile and Wave, so hop on over there for a peek too!


  1. A beautiful and inspiring post -- I especially love those Anna Maria Horner fabrics and Denyse Schmidt always makes me swoon!

  2. Thank you for the gorgeously-illustrated inspiration on this cold NYC day! Those green beans and bright florals are making me think of summer....

  3. agreed! it is currently snowing... AGAIN... and the beautiful pictures are a welcome relief :)

    Iowa seems to have rented out their winter weather to Phila. Well, you can have it back.

  4. That Italian custard tart looks amazing!! I'm bookmarking the recipe!

  5. I really enjoyed this post and your blog :) the tart looks so incredibly yummy

  6. iowa looks beautiful, how fun to learn about a new place! and, spring is just around the corner!

  7. There is such a beautiful, homey quality to this post. And that Italian custard looks incredible!

  8. Your quilts are lovely. This is a wonderful collection of inspiration!

  9. I'm a sucker for a red barn - beautiful images!

  10. Great post! beautiful combination of images and merge of colours :)