Monday, February 15, 2010

Cross-Stitched Accessories by Erin of Treefox- Updated!

Note: After I originally posted this, I reached out to Erin to learn more about her work—which is something I usually do before posting, but not if I get too antsy and need to share immediately. Check out some of the info from Erin on the story behind her work.

I was reading our RM fashion blog yesterday and saw Erin's work for the first time. I've never really been a big one for Valentine's Day, but I can't help feel like there is something to be said for more hearts (and chocolate) in all of our lives. Above is a delightful little pin.

Here is a sweet bobby pin that would look quite nice to set off a loose bun or to pull a sweep of hair to the side. And below is a bigger piece that shows more of Erin's style. Here's a bit from Erin:
I started cross stitching in college when I was just exploring every medium I could. I was interested in crafts but I'm too impatient to knit or crochet (even though I plan on buckling down to learn crochet soon) so I started cross stitching. There isn't really a learning curve so I just got going! I love the instant gratification I get from cross stitching and I've never spent more than a few hours on one. I also love the size. Each one is so precious & delicate. I can just put in a movie, kick back & cross stitch all day. It's very relaxing.

I like to keep my designs modern and simplistic while having a rustic, old timey vibe. (I'm terrible at explaining this kind of thing.) I keep with the same colours like gold, navy, black, maroon because I think there is something rich and noble about them that appeals to me. I look though a lot of books about the history of cross stitch. There are so many old samplers to pull ideas and patterns from. I love thinking about the little girls in the 1800s cross stitching away in their poofy dresses. I also scour the internet for book scans. They are hard to find and they're often in other languages but it's so interesting to see what other cultures would stitch.

On her etsy page, she says that she makes things partly because she needs to keep her hands busy, which is very similar to my reasoning, especially lately when the busier I seem to get, the more I need to be making something. Which I think is my way of saying don't be surprised if you see some cross stitching or embroidery on here soon—though I am going to try my best to contain myself to granny squares and quilting if I can!

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