Monday, October 4, 2010

Stripe Meets Floral Quilted Wall Hanging and Green Tomato Jam

Since finishing my wall hanging, I spent a few nights embroidering, but soon had the urge to start a new quilting project. I'm sticking with the theme of small—this is another vintage block that I've surrounded with new (and new to me) fabrics.  I haven't fully decided what this one will be used for, but I think I'm going to start a stash of gifts, which seems like a great idea especially since this will only take a week or two to finish.

The outer floral is from Liberty of London and the floral blue is Monroe from Leah Duncan

The other bigger project I did this weekend was to make Green Tomato Jam. We had three bowls full of them from the garden and while some of them have slowly been ripening, I knew I should at least try to turn the rest into something. I was skeptical since I couldn't imagine what this would taste like—it's green tomatoes that are soaked overnight in sugar, a bit of salt, pepper, cinnamon and the zest and pulp of two lemons—but after letting it cool, I had it on No Knead Whole Wheat Bread (forgot how good it is!) with cheddar. So unexpectedly good!

I love the experience of trying new flavors, and I was happy to have a kitchen experiment turn out so well.

And in case you missed these last week, I have two posts over at ReadyMade that you might be interested in—it's fall baking season after all!

And the second is Harvest Nut Muffins made with cornmeal. 

Both are delicious and definitely helped me to embrace the cooler weather.


  1. Gorgeous fabric choices, and what a great idea to make the green tomatoe jam!

  2. I am over the moon about those stripes.