Monday, October 11, 2010

Stripe Meets Floral Quilted Wall Hanging, Done!

When I moved to Iowa, and even before when I worked with people from Kansas City, I heard a lot of them speak about collections. It sounded fun—going to antique malls to hunt for salt and pepper shakers, paper ephemera, and egg cups, but I couldn't imagine what I might like enough to have in spades.

Friends, I have found it. Vintage quilt blocks.

Last week a friend emailed to let me know that she'd seen an impressive display of vintage quilt blocks at the Brass Armadillo, a local antique mall. You know what I did? I left work an hour early so that I could go check them out, knowing that I wanted first dibs on the good stuff. (And that these would Surely be less expensive than the ones I used in my office wall hanging which were purchased in nyc.)

And that is when I realized that this could be a problem!

But until I have too many too possibly use, or hunting for them starts to interfere with normal life, I will just excitedly share my finds with you. Which is appropriate since I finished the wall hanging that I started last weekend with the blue florals and stripes—which you can see above—and am ready to start something new. I even added some decorative quilting on the stripes to give them a bit more texture. I love that it took only a week to do, and that I was able to get the sides relatively square.

I am going to work on squaring up the blocks that are in the pile on the left—there are 20 of them—and piece them together to make Josh and I a full size quilt. I love the subtle colors and that the small pieces mean that I'll do a fair amount of quilting on this, which will translate to heavenly texture. These two stacks which have about 50 blocks were, I kid you not, about the same price as I paid for 4 blocks in nyc. Hooray Midwest!

Thank you to whomever stitched these blocks together. I hope it makes you happy to know that they are being finished and will be put to very good use.

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