Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Dreaming of Spring

Oh snow. So if you're in the northeast (or the south from what I hear) I'm sure you're very familiar with the sentiment. I mean it both to say "Isn't winter supposed to be over by now?!?" and "Oh snow, it's just so delightful and pretty when I don't have to be outside in the freezing cold." I was looking through my Etsy favorites today hoping to find a bit of inspiration and I remembered that I'd stuck LilyMoon in there a few weeks ago. And this tree, which captures the magical feeling of the start of spring, spoke to me, for obvious weather-related reasons, but also because of the dream-like sentiment of the style. I love that the tagline of the site is "make believe" and it comes through her designs, which she prints on paper, journals, canvas and even buttons and pendants.
But here's the real reason why that sentiment stuck with me today: I was at a family wedding over the weekend and I was carrying a small carpet bag-esque clutch. My sister complimented me on it, which made me realize that I think it came from the stash of clothes and accessories we used when we played dress up. It made me so happy to think that she and I seem to have grown into the very women we pretended to be years ago. To which I say, keep on making believe!


  1. Oh what a cute story. I'm tempted to go dig through all the things we used to play dress up with if they're still around my parents' house.
    So glad you're continuing your blog, Amy!

  2. that is precious! My sisters and I used to (still do!) play dress-up, and it is always fun to stumble across something that we loved as a kid. I am so glad your blog is back, and I am you to my blogroll to celebrate!

  3. I really like your illustration here! Glad your feeling energetic about blogging. Can't wait to see what kind of new things you will be sharing. I am getting the spring jeebies and find myself trying to do one crafty thing each day...making spring themed glass magnets for everyone I know...and small banners to hang in windows to herald the season...we are not quite there...but it is warming up at my house!
    Have a great week!

  4. What a great story, & so much fun that you still have some of the things you played with as girls! I really like this print, too - I love things that are fun & whimsical. :)